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Pure Insurance is a Moscow-based corporate insurance broker, which provides specialized insurance advisory, broking and placement services for SMEs & large companies across a wide array of industries.

We at Pure Insurance are truly independent, flexible and perceptive. Our managers are shareholders, our reporting lines are short, and our decision-making process is quick and effective.
Identifying areas of risk within the business, determining the best way to deal with these risks and then designing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive insurance program which addresses the issues identified.
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Quick & efficient

Independent consultant & risk advisor

Professional licensed insurance broker

We have long term sustainable partnerships with Russian insurance market leaders. Depending on its type & profile we either place the risk with one of the major full-service insurance companies or with specialized boutiques.

We create and maintain insurance programs for single companies as well as for holdings and provide unified approach towards insurance related issues throughout the group. Our clients are both companies from the real and financial sectors. Within the real sector we service large and mid-sized companies in various industries such as manufacturing, wholesale, retail, construction etc.

In the financial sector we assist our clients in different segments including banking, leasing, private equity, investment banking.

Partners & Clients


Insurance optimization

For those customers who already use insurance , but want to get more fitted insurance coverage, or reduse cost of current insurance contracts.

Insurance outsource

For those customers who doesn’t have enough insurance expertise and need professional service in arranging complex corporate insurance.

Niche Insurance Products

Forward-thinking specialized insurance solutions

Partnered Insurance Programs

For those seeking additional revenue through insurance services for clients
We assist prospective insureds with developing risk-coverage solutions appropriate to their risk profiles. We work with insureds to find out what kinds of risks they regularly encounter, and educate them about what policies are available for each type of risk. We are happy to offer you following services:
Our commercial Insurance business consists of a team of professionals who will assess your business needs and tailor a package which best suits your unique business requirements. Internally the business is being divided into several parts: motor, property/casualty, liability, and specialty coverage.

We can develop and fine-tune solutions to suit specific needs оf various industries and product lines.


Sector Coverage

• Construction
• Industrials
• Retail/FMCG
• Transport & Logistics
• Art, Culture, Education
• Financial Institutions
• Agriculture
• High-tech/TMT

Product Line

• Property insurance
• Builders risk insurance
• Motor insurance
• Cargo insurance
• Aviation insurance
• Business Interruption insurance
• Casualty insurance
• Hazardous Objects
• Directors and Officers liability insurance
• General liability insurance
• Professional liability insurance
• Medical Insurance
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